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Dedicated to Keeping Organizations Safe Through Our Integrated Security Model.

At TriCorps, we operate using our integrated security model to ensure our clients’ safety as threats evolve and technology advances. Integrated security is the only real security; anything else will fail. Physical, electronic, and cybersecurity must work together and evolve faster than the threats. An active shooter, a cyber-attack, or theft of your property or data could be catastrophic for your organization. TriCorps is the only integrated security firm with the experience and technology to protect your organization from these dynamic threats.

Physical Threat Scenario

A disgruntled employee was recently terminated and has returned to the office building to confront their former boss. They are spotted on surveillance cameras and authorities are called, but without a physical security presence, several employees are assaulted before police arrive.

Electronic Threat Scenario

A vendor for a corporate office building is screened upon entry for weapons and is cleared. Without access control at critical doors, the vendor gained entry to the CEO’s office and left with some of the company’s proprietary information.

Cyber Threat Scenario

An employee enters their office building with their access control badge and raises no flags with the security officers during a routine security screening of their bag. They sit down at their desk to check their email and click a link from an unknown sender that exposes the organization’s entire server to ransomware.

Our Guiding Principles

We believe in three simple biblical principles that will bring success to the company and fulfillment to each of us individually. These define our culture as an organization. It should be the goal of every TriCorps employee to understand and abide by these principles.

Do Your Work With Excellence

Work hard and smart, because excellence is achieved in the details. When you combine diligence with a strategic approach, you pave the way for remarkable results for all aspects of your career and life.

Treat Others With Respect

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated, no matter who they are. This timeless principle, often referred to as the “Golden Rule”. It’s the cornerstone of what we believe at TriCorps.

Give Back What You’ve Been Given

We believe in giving back a good portion of what you’ve been given. Whether in the form of opportunities, resources, or support, giving back is a way to share those blessings you’ve received with others.

Recruit Your Partner Program

Want to earn a bonus and work with your friends? TriCorps is growing and we need your help to recruit more security officers. If you have someone you’d like to refer, please have them apply at TriCorps.com/jobs. Please have them mention your name when they submit their application.

“TriCorps has given me the opportunity to work for a professional company that provides a valuable service to the customers we serve and the community we live in. I consider myself lucky to have such a great paying job and am proud to say I work for TriCorps.”
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